The Company

Electro Design is designing and manufacturing automation products to the electronics industry. Since the first conveyor was made in the year 1987 we have delivered approximately 5000 units to customers all over the world.

We have a full product range for SMT lines, Conformal Coating lines, Selective and Wave Soldering lines, AOI Inspection Lines/ Cells and special applications.

We are located in Sweden, member of the European Union (EU) near Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and only 80 km from the international airport Stockholm-Arlanda

New Products
Preview Image Name Short description
FIFO Buffer 10The FIFO Buffer 10 has an advanced optional cooling function and is designed to balance station-capacity differences by offering board escape possibilities in case of failures or slow board flow in the connected systems. Buffer full warning level, start slot, stepping (pitch), pass through slot and cooling time are adjustable from the operators panel.
Shuttle ConveyorThe shuttle conveyor works as a link between single lane and dual lane production lines. By transferring boards sideways on a shuttle, one lane is divided into two, or two lanes are merged into one. The machine consists of a traverse unit and a board carrying shuttle conveyor.


Heating Conveyors
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